NAT GEO: Original Sin

Charles Barkley travels around America, speaking to people about race and racial tensions in their cities. 4 part series. 

NAT GEO: Original Sin
NAT GEO: Original Sin

"Government In The Bedroom." A series examining the history of human sexuality. Feat. Dan Savage, Margaret Cho, Dr. Ruth. 

Link: AIDS/Legalizing Gay Marriage


PBS - History Detectives: Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa

Please go to for the full show.

PBS: Las Marthas

PBS Independent Lens. 

In the lingering aftermath of the U.S.-Mexican War, the border town of Laredo, Texas created an annual debutante ball unlike any other. Las Marthas follows two Mexican American girls carrying this gilded tradition on their shoulders during a time of economic uncertainty and tension over immigration.

This scene explains the origins of the ball during the founding of the town. 

MTV : Choose or Lose - Obama and Clinton Talk to Veterans

MTV host Sway moderates as Senators Obama and Clinton speak to eight young veterans of the Iraq War about their issues and concerns.

MTV Documentary "Ice Queens"

Three teenage ice skaters go through pre-Olympic trials.

MTV News : Growing up Black In America

MTV host Sway interviews hip hop and R&B celebrities Snoop Dogg,  Mary J. Blige, and Chris Brown about their experiences growing up Black in our country.

MTV : Diary of Gideon in Iraq

MTV reporter Gideon Yago goes to Baghdad for an intimate, on-the-ground look at how Operation Iraqi Freedom has affected Iraq's people, especially its youth.