I love projects that focus on the most interesting, complex, and human sides of the subject. I've cut documentaries about Caribbean festivals and pornographers seeking love; television geared to encourage American teens, stressed-out homeowners, and would-be cooks to aim higher; and advertising and promotions for all types of television.

Originally from the South, I arrived in NYC in 2000. I worked in film and television while earning an MFA degree in directing at Columbia University. My short films have been screened and won awards at festivals in the US, Canada, India, and Brazil.  I love to learn about other cultures; I've traveled to Germany, Belgium, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and that country-within-a-country, Memphis. I enjoy photography, painting, scuba diving, Buddhist practice, cooking, and jazz.  

If you're looking for an editor with talent and life experience who will dig into the collaboration, please get in touch. I'd love to help you.

Holding it down at a dive shop in Bali.

Holding it down at a dive shop in Bali.