I co-edited a short film by my friend Moon Molson that was accepted to Sundance in 2011! This project, Crazy Beats Strong Every Time, follows an African-American teen who in a moment of fury threatens to kill his alcoholic stepfather, and is dared by his friends to follow through on it. indieWire listed it as one of the best of the best shorts in Sundance - awesome! Check out further info on

In the meanwhile, the edit of the full feature of DANLAND continues, aiming for a Tribeca Film Festival deadline. Director Alex Berger and I are very happy with the outcome of the rough cut so far.

The next project looks to be a documentary film directed by Avi Weider exploring the state of artificial intelligence today. The technology of artificial intelligence will soon reach a level where a machine's cognitive reasoning will  mirror that of human consciousness. What are the implications of that for our society?

Finally, I am enjoying writing fiction and getting it out there. I and other writer friends are looking to have an actor reading of our work in February. Look for more updates on this soon!

BOY WONDER by Ann Husaini

I served as cutting assistant on this feature film, and was able to cut a few scenes and work closely with editor Ray Hubley (Dead Man Walking) and writer/director Michael Morrissey. This trailer was edited by Doug Fitch;I hope to get a work sample soon. Congratulations to Boy Wonder, which is cleaning up Best Feature and Best Editing awards at Festivus, Rhode Island Film Festival, Sacramento Film Festival, and Williamsburg Film Festival!



ICE QUEENS by Ann Husaini

ICE QUEENS from Ann Husaini on Vimeo.


Excerpt from a 90-minute television doc about teenage ice skaters that I co-edited. I also helped the hugely talented staff at Gigantic! Productions assemble an editorial team that brought this doc from raw footage to airing on MTV in only six weeks!

MOM'S COOKING. by Ann Husaini

After cutting its pilot, I served as post producer and supervising editor on this 30-episode cooking series for Lifetime. The show's host takes daughters and a camera crew to surprise their mothers and learn a favorite family meal. Lifetime's site for the series and a link to a sample episode are below. Editor for the sample is Anna Holtzman.